Knitting makes you smart

My latest 30-day challenge has seen me taking up knitting with gusto.

Yes that’s right. Knitting. As in the knit one, purl one variety.

Did you get the memo? Knitting is the new black*.

Gillard was a knitter. Well technically she probably still is, but people don’t talk about it any more. Katherine Heigl = knitter, Cameron Diaz = knitter, Julia Roberts = knitter. See people, everyone’s doing it.

And it’s making me smarter.

As a beginner I still need to focus my attention on the yarn at hand – making the ABC the perfect knitting companion. I finally get why my mum (and other old ducks around Australia) anticipates the 7pm news with knitting needles at the ready. It’s the perfect knitting soundtrack. Q&A no longer irritates the cluck out of me, I appreciate the long-winded non-answers from politicians as I don’t have to look up to watch the screen very often. Leigh Sales is my new home girl – her interviews make the best knitting entertainment as you can laugh out loud without dropping a stitch.

I’m making a blanket. For a bed, or a cot, or a pram depending on how long I obsess over knitting. Mum says I’ll probably end up knitting a bookmark so I am determined to prove her wrong.

Not convinced? Don’t commit me (yet). I am going back to work next month. Until then, if you need me, I’ll be knitting.

Stitch and bitch. It's the new black. I only know how to knit squares. I can't turn corners. Yet...

Stitch and bitch. It’s the new black. I only know how to knit squares and I can’t turn corners. Also the pale pink square on the right-hand-side is really wrong so I have carefully placed the yellow square over it so you can’t spot all the holes. That one was before Leigh came into my life.

* This is based on a vox pop of one. Me. So it’s totally made up.

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  • Anna V

    Ho Ho – a bit of knitting. Yes, well I stick to the knitting for dummies variety…crocheting. A little more incense-ridden, rainbow hippy like I know, and I agree, knitting does make you smart – trouble is ya gotta be at least a tad smart to start it up. I failed knitting in grade 3…sigh.

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